Cider Mill
Open for our 39th cider and apple season each Saturday and Sunday from 10am—5:30pm through Thanksgiving weekend, and then two weekends before Christmas from 10am—4pm, weather permitting (see our Hours page for the specifics). We have a full range of varieties along with our pure cider, donuts, local honey and maple syrup as well as pies for the Holidays. We look forward to seeing all of you again!

Thompson's Cider Mill sits on property next to the Teatown Lake Reservation Nature Preserve in Westchester County that has been an apple orchard since the 1870s, a part of the old Rickert Fruit Farm. The Thompsons offer a wide range of apples, including many heirloom and unusual varieties. As many varieties as possible are blended to create a true, old-fashioned pure cider. Several varieties of pears, as well as apple and pumpkin pies, and apple wine can be found at the cider mill.

White Plains Daily Voice

EveryDay with Rachel Ray

June 2015
We were featured in the June 2015 issue of EveryDay with Rachael Ray as one of only five apple stops in the Hudson Valley.

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Westchester Magazine
Westchester Magazine

PR powerhouse Geoff Thompson spends his off-hours indulging his passion for apple cider.

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White Plains Daily Voice

"Apple Cider Remains A Big Part Of Fall "

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Daily Voice

"Teatown Reservation Honors Croton Man,
Cider Mill Owner "

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We were featured in the October issue of Generations.

Oct. 2011
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The Daily Croton

"The Height of Cider Season at Thompson's Cider Mill "

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The Daily Croton website.

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