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IMG_0581-e1442257844796-1Fresh-Pressed is Best

Hot or cold, nothing beats the delicious sweetness of fresh-pressed apple cider. At Thompson’s Cider Mill, Geoff makes small batches of fresh-pressed cider, 25 to 30 gallons at a time, up to 250 gallons a week, that sell out each weekend.

Want to enjoy that fresh-taste over the winter? Thompson Cider can be frozen in the jug. Simply pour a cup to allow for expansion, and freeze. The flavor is perfect when thawed.

To see how Thompson cider is fresh-pressed, watch this short video:
“Making Small Batches of Fresh-Pressed Sweet and Hard Apple Cider.”


Dogs & Bees

Generations who’ve come to Thompson’s Cider Mill remember more than just our fresh-pressed cider. First, there was Ragamuffin, a mixed breed. With Geoff back in 1976, Ragamuffin could fetch the paper, jump through a hula hoop and charm every cider lover he ever met.

Today, Molly, a Collie-mix rescue, is the resident Dog in Chief at Thompson’s Cider Mill. She loves to chase her ball so much. Be prepared. Molly never gets tired of playing fetch.

And as for the bees, we have Doug Adams of Hudson Valley Honey to thank. Every year, he brings 4 hives to the orchard for 10 days, to help the apple trees propagate. You’ll find his delicious honey for sale in store. We like to think our apples are what makes it so sweet.